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Interactive Equipment Simulators


  mySmartSimulation®'s Platform

One Platform

mySmartSimulations® Inc. has designed a platform for delivering highly interactive simulation solutions. The platform enables the development of simulations that are mobile, web based, computer based, immersive 3D (VR/AR), and haptic (tactile device) based. The simulations are designed in 3D making them very versatile for any delivery.

The characteristics of the simulations can be micro learning, step by step procedures with checklists, or just about anything. Most of the simulations can offer pre-training content prior to simulation as well. The platform enables for all eLearning characteristics. The simulations also captures usage data to enable strong user debriefing as well as analytics for administrators and researchers.

The technology we have developed limits the need for requiring high end computers for simulation. Browsers can be Internet Explorer 8 and still take advantage of interactive simulations. Behind the platform is an authoring toolkit to help design and deliver any simulation in weeks not months. The authoring tools reduce the need for highly technical/programming skills thus reducing the costs of development. This is a powerful scaling model to help improve safety & competency by leveraging simulation in any industry.

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 Examples to Help Differentiate

We have leveraged this platform to design a library of safety simulation for healthcare. Please feel free to visit this site for great examples of this technology.